Project Year
Decc Inc.
Project Name
Future Use ADU
Hamilton, Ontario

Future Use ADU

The clients came to us with a vision of a larger garage that would not only house their vehicles but also provide ample storage space. DECC's expert team took this concept and turned it into a reality, exceeding our clients' expectations.

  • Maximizing Size and Functionality: We optimized the garage space, ensuring it could accommodate multiple vehicles and provide additional storage room for our clients' needs. Our commitment to maximizing both size and functionality resulted in a truly versatile structure.

  • Creative Loft Storage Design: Instead of a traditional peaked roof, we got creative. Our innovative design incorporated a loft space, offering convenient and organized storage solutions. This unique feature added a touch of elegance and practicality to the project.

  • Comprehensive Service: From structural design to drawing package preparation and permit submission, DECC took care of every aspect of the project. Our goal was to make the process hands-off and seamless for our happy clients, allowing them to enjoy their new and improved garage without any worries.